About Toastrooster

What is Toastrooster?

Short answer:
An online Toastmasters meeting roster.

Long answer:
Toastrooster is a drop in replacement to using spreadsheets to create and track club meeting roles. It also comes with many more useful features that help take the stress out of managing a club and organizing meetings. Here are some of the extra benfits:

  • All member data is stored on Toastrooster, and because members can email each other right from your Toastrooster dashboard it can act as a hub for club communication.
  • Meeting role confirmtion is handled in a clever way. All that members have to do to confirm their role is to click a button in an email. This vastly reduces the stress of following up lazy club members. As a fallback, Toastrooster also allows members who have limited access to a computer to confirm their meeting role directly with the organizer.

What makes Toastrooster different?

The majority of Club Management websites are clunky and hard to use. Taostrooster is made with your experience in mind. Simplicity and ease-of-use are the central themes of the website.

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