Being the Toastmaster

The role of Toastmaster varies from club to club, but generally speaking the Toastmaster is in charge of confirming that members have confirmed their roles for the meeting, and finding replacements for members who can't attend the meeting.

This page will explain how to perform the role of Toastmaster when it's your turn to organize the meeting.

Sending the role confirmation emails

Button to send confirmation emails

When you are assigned to the role of Toastmaster, a button will appear on the meeting like in the image on the right. above.

The green confirmation tick

The green confirmation tick

When members have confirmed their roles, a green tick will appear next to their names like in the screenshot on the left. above. The green tick allows you to check which members still need to confirm their role.

Manually confirming roles

The green confirmation tick

One of the benefites of Toastrooster is that members don't have to use their email addresses every day in order to confirm their role. For example members could confirm their role with the Toastmaster via a phone call or in person.

To manually confirm a meeting role, click on the down arrow next to the role that you want to confirm. A dropdown menu will show you various options, one of which is 'Confirm Role'.

The screenshot on the right above shows the role dropdown in action.