Managing Members

Note: Only Club Admins can Add and Remove Members.

Adding Members

Add Button

To add a new or existing member, all you will need is their email address, and optionally a name and phone number.

Get started by clicking on the 'Add a Member' button shown on the right.

Next, enter the email address of the Member you wish to add, and press 'Save'.

You can add an many members as you like.

Member Status

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Joined Column

The Joined column in the members table shows whether or not the Member has received your invitation to join your Club. A Joined status of 'Yes' means the member has confirmed their Membership. You can resend invitation emails by clicking on the 'No' in the Joined column.

Admin Column

If you are a Club Admin, you can assign other Members to be Club Admins by checking the Admin checkbox on a Member row.

Removing Members

To remove an existing member from the club, select the to the right of their name.

Note: Removing a member from a club doesn't remove their club meeting data. If you add this member back in the future, all their club meeting data will still be there.

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